Official Roadmap 🆕

To make it easier to keep track of feature requests, we’re using this (always up-to-date) list below :point_down:

:white_check_mark: Completed

  • Recurring investments [28 Aug, 2023]
  • Persist chart period locally across refreshes [29 Aug, 2023]
  • Show overall portfolio stats on the main page [30 Aug, 2023]
  • Manage Blacklist/Whitelist on Settings page [4 Sep, 2023]
  • Support re-investing funds from sell offs (discussion) [6 Sep, 2023]
  • Show Shariah compliance rating and details for each holding [7 Sep, 2023]
  • Update account level stats to match those in the old app [11 Sep, 2023]
  • Update main portfolio chart to show ONLY filtered fund performance (not entire account) [12 Sep, 2023]
  • Add “Include Cash” option in the main portfolio chart (discussion).
  • Add Pie Chart showing breakdown of the different filtered funds invested in, by market value (discussion) [12 Sep, 2023]
  • PWA for accessing on mobile [13 Sep, 2023]
  • Support Rebalance [17 Oct, 2023]

:hourglass: Working on…

  • Support Rebalance on Change
  • Add descriptive popovers to fields that require explanation
  • Support investing in “vanilla” ETFs (e.g. GLDM, a gold ETF with no equity holdings). It’s essentially like having a non-tracking filtered fund with just a single 100% holding that’s always compliant.

:spiral_calendar: Next

  • Add super-easy feedback submission flow to the app (see Stripe dash for inspiration)
  • Dark mode
  • Fund Details, the holdings vs filtered, performance (similar to what’s available on
  • Allow “fast-forwarding” liquidations so they get executed immediately
  • Add in-app notifications for important alerts (liquidations, dividends, reinvestments, etc)
  • Update mobile app to point to new app
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Suggestion: You should number/version your releases/roadmaps and feedback threads.

Current release – Roadmap v2.0.0, Feedback v2.0.0
Next release – Roadmap v2.1.0, Feedback v2.1.0

However you see fit to follow the versioning. And once the feedback loop has been finalized, move older release and feedback threads to ‘archive’ or ‘previous releases’ section to declutter.

Taking a hot minute because I had to add another (gargantuan) task before doing this. The gist of it is that we don’t currently re-add previously non-compliant stocks when they turn compliant.

The fix I’m working on, alongside this change, will ensure that this gets done – and prepares us nicely for re-investing funds when any stock gets sold off.


Ah, I can see how this would be useful for the Feedback: Amal Invest 🆕 - #22 by yazin thread. Will consider it for future releases :+1:

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That’s a good find/catch! Thank you for all your efforts!

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:boom: A bit of news, folks… @Omar has just joined Amal Invest full-time and will be leading the development on the platform going forward.

We’ve got some exciting things planned, and will be sharing details here first!


Hello all, I’m very happy to be part of the Amal Invest project.
Looking forward to contributing to its growth and improvements by leveraging all your valuable feedback and reports.