[Feedback Needed] Upcoming Release (✅ Done)

I’d love to get your feedback on the upcoming release I’m working on launching.

This is a complete rewrite designed to address the reliability issues with the old one (which was built in haste to meet a quick release deadline).

The primary goal was to make something that’s (1) reliable and (2) easy to use.


1. Main Screen

Purpose of this screen: Gives you an overview of how your overall investment portfolio has been performing over time (vs. your cost basis, as well as the market).

Note: I’ve kept the design minimal – it’ll likely change after we launch; this is just a simple scaffold to get us going.

I’d like to know:

  1. Is anything unclear to you?
  2. Are there any confusing terms?
  3. Is there any ambiguity about what a certain number represents to you?
  4. Are there any obvious metrics/features that are missing from this page that you’d like to see?

2. Fund Details screen

Original screen:

Updated screen (16 July, 2023) – based on feedback from @atif, @MohamedAbdelKhalik:

Purpose of this screen: Tells you exactly how your Filtered fund has been performing over time (again, vs. your cost basis, the market or any benchmark you choose to compare it to).

One big new thing here is the “Activity Log”. It shows every change to the fund that can impact the holdings or the performance. It’s meant to give you complete clarity around why the fund holds the stocks it holds, and answer any questions you may have about trades you see in your Alpaca account.

Once more, I’d like to know:

  1. Is anything unclear to you?
  2. Are there any confusing terms?
  3. Is there any ambiguity about what a certain number represents to you?
  4. Are there any obvious metrics/features that are missing from this page that you’d like to see?

I can’t wait to get you access to this new platform. It’s under active development, and I’ll share a separate thread where you can keep track of progress against the initial release (which I’ll strive to update daily, inshallah).

Access will be by invite-only – just to you guys. You’ll all be sent invites when it’s ready for primetime.

Now I’d love to get your feedback below, please! :point_down:

P.S.: You can now track progress on the new release here

Both of the screens offer clear and concise information. Good job on the design!

Would it be a good idea to add a custom range in ‘Fund Details’ screen so I can see the data from date X to date Y?

Also, in the future, I would like to see an option to compare my fund with any other fund (i.e. FDGRX vs S&P500 or filtered FDGRX vs S&P500) for the same duration to see how they performed. It would probably be best for a ‘Compare Funds’ screen

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Thanks Atif!

Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely something we can add.

We actually have a button on there that lets you do that (it’s something I was hoping to have for a while too!). See below:

If that’s unclear, perhaps we can make it more prominent.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave feedback

Oh, very nice! Yeah, I missed that one. Probably would’ve found out after clicking on it in a live site though.

Maybe adding a tooltip that shows a quick summary / more info on hover would be useful.

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The UI is definitely an improvement over the current version. The activity log especially is great.

The main feedback points from me would be:

  • I’d like to know the weight of each stock in % of the overall fund.
  • I’d like to search the stocks in the fund rather than having to scroll.

Thanks for involving us in the process. :100:

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Thanks Mohamed!

I’m curious what the use-case is here? It’ll help better visualize this information. Also, would you like to get email notifications when a fund changes (as we do now), or would you rather see this information in some other form?

What would you like to be able to search by? Name/symbol or something else?

Currently, when going into a fund, it shows a list of stocks in that fund sorted by weight with their respective percentage. I agree with MohamedAbdelKhalik that the percentage should continue to show for a better understanding of which stocks are biggest impactors. Adding a percentage column and then allowing users to sort the holdings table by each column would be useful too.

It should allowing searching by symbol or name (so both)

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Agreed with @atif on both points. The primary usecase for me would be to compare the weight of the stocks within the fund before and after it’s filtered. This is especially true for total stock market funds. It’s also crucial for the weightings to be updated as the fund changes weight/compliance.

Receiving the update by email has worked well for me so far but seeing it on the activity log in the screenshot above is the icing on the cake!

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Updated screen here, @atif @MohamedAbdelKhalik! Let me know what you think :+1:

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Looks amazing. It would help to have a menu somewhere where you can go and see the history of realized gains, for purification purposes. I like to purify both dividends and capital gains.

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Great suggestion! Alpaca does offer this report in the tax statement at the end of the year. Is that sufficient for your purposes?

I am planning to add support for automatic purification calculation in the near future inshallah but that would also take place at the account level, not on a per fund basis.

Ah I see. Alpaca is not supported where I moved for the time being. So I did not know

I love the automation, especially on the account level. Would the user be able to change the purification % or does the app determine that?

Yes, that looks better! Thank you!

I know there’s only a few of us here, but it would help to make a ‘Suggestions’ category where people can post their suggestions and others can like/comment/discuss to express support so you can keep track of requested features and prioritize them.

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Great idea, I made one here: Suggestions - Backstage

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I’ve got that on our roadmap, but haven’t scoped out the task yet. Will create a separate post describing this feature release when the time comes. Our data provider already surfaces the purification amount per stock, so we’d really just have to roll it up across the whole account. Shouldn’t be too complicated…

For me, rather than email, if there is a way to have this information on the UI that would be beneficial. Too many emails and I delete them/do not read them/ they get lost in the inbox wasteland

Yes this is perfect! Thank you. :star_struck:

Thank you again for maintaining this application. You are providing us a means of ensuring that our money is halal amidst these turbulent times.

ربنا يضيفها في ميزان حسناتك إن شاء الله


Thanks for the feedback, @Omer . It’d be visible through the Activity Log at the bottom of the page. This’ll get really busy over time, so I think it may make sense to have a filter by Activity Type:

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اجمعين ان شاء الله :raised_hands:

Your support means alot @MohamedAbdelKhalik!

That’s a great idea!

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